Specializing in fully guided trips for musky and smallmouth bass in Northern Wisconsin
and the  U.P. of Michigan.

We fish the waters of Vilas, Iron, Ashland, and
Price counties. Thrown in the Western end of 
​the Michigans U.P. we have it covered.

"For 50+ years I have been flyfishing and have fished with approximately 50 guides. Last week I floated with John Coolidge for the first time, and he is definitely the best guide I have floated with. John is friendly, polite, cooperative, and highly knowledgeable; he is a complete professional.
John’s boat, fishing equipment, and truck are top quality and his drift boat is spotlessly clean. He is an expert at handling his boat on the river, and in rapids. He is careful on the river and has an expert’s knowledge of all the rivers he floats. Due to some shoulder surgery I find it difficult to back cast, and John worked hard to position the boat so that I could make forward casts, not back casts. He positions the boat so that you are in the perfect location to make your cast.
When needed, John will make suggestions which improve your chances of catching a fish and bringing it to the boat. He is a pleasant man, a smart man, and it was a pleasure to fish from his boat. Simply put, John Coolidge is the “complete” guide and I’m pleased to have found him. He is the best!!"

~Lane Reeves, Clockmaker and Retired Physician